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1. What it is?

A coronavirus can spread among human.


2. What harm will it takes to human

It will attack human’s body organ and immune system. Even may affect reproductive system.


3. How it is spread?

It spreads by droplets of saliva, direct touch, aerosol, etc.


4. Where does it exist?

It exists in human body, saliva, snot, tear, urine, excrement and so on. Supposed to exist not long after leave host.


5. What kind of people are suspectable?

All human are suspectable include, old young, children. More dangerous for old people with essential disease.


6. How to treat?

No specific medicine yet until now. Several existed medicines are helpful for curing. A ventilator is often used to help patient, but there is saying that it is more important to clean patient’s sputum. Ventilator may work oppositely.


7. How to prevent?

Isolation is basic important and effective.


8. How to stop infection chain?

First, make good protection, mask and glass are necessary as virus can enter body through mouth, nose and eye. They are actually proved. Stay in home as more as possible. Don't gather with crowds. There are asymptomatic and long incubation infections
Second, intime test and isolation. To distinguish the healthy and infected is vital to break the infection chain.
Third, do daily disinfection to public area. For home, use 75% ethyl alcohol to clean. Pay attention to doorknob, elevator button.


9. How long is the incubation period?

Most incubation period is 3-4 days, 7days, 13days, a few cases even longer than 14 days. 


10. How long it takes infected people to cure?



11. Can it be controlled and self-cured?

Yes. Although its infectiousness is strong, it can be controlled and cured by immediate isolation and treatment, the earlier the better. 

In China, most cases happen in Hubei province only. Most cases in other provinces are people go out of Hubei. It means if people act quickly to make good isolation, the virus can be stopped effectively. In Jan., many medical workers were infected in Hubei because of lack of protection. But there is no infection case from the thousands of medical supporters from other provinces later. It shows how important it is to get enough protective supply. It also gives people confidence to beat the virus hand-in-hand.

Mild cases may deteriorate suddenly, so get treatment is important.
There are self-cure cases. Medicine is important even for mild patient.


12. Cases

One person was infected by other person in 15seconds, just because they stay together before one retail store for a while.


At least two reported cases were infected by downstairs neighbor. It means the virus flow in air. Balcony concert is warm, but risky.

Three people in one elevator, one was infected by another, third person was not infected because he wore mask.

One man was infected by his downstairs neighbor, just because they walked through same stairway but in different time.

Asymptomatic infection has same infectivity. Virus can spread from one asymptomatic carrier to another asymptomatic carrier then to infect third person.